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The Basic Fault: Why the Senate Bill Can't Be Redeemed, Part 2

By Stanley Renshon, October 23, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio defended his support of the Senate's massive and complex immigration bill by acknowledging that, "...what I have suggested to those who have problems with some component of the bill is, you know, maybe you have a very valid point. In fact I've heard some valid objections." Read more...

Do the "Best and Brightest" Foreign Students Actually Have to Finish Their Homework?

By David North, October 23, 2013

The administration and the mas migration people are always hectoring us that we must open our doors still wider to foreign graduates of U.S. universities, "given the nation's interest in attracting and retaining the world's best and brightest individuals", as this USCIS document argues.

Ah, but do the B&Bs also have to finish their homework before they can qualify for a U.S. job that might otherwise be filled by a citizen or a green-card holder?

No, of course, not!

The Basic Fault: Why the Senate Bill Can’t Be Redeemed, Part 1

By Stanley Renshon, October 22, 2013

In 1968, the Hungarian psychoanalyst Michael Balint published his seminal book, The Basic Fault: Therapeutic Aspects of Regression. His insight was that for all structural and dynamic psychological complexities that characterized most adult functioning, the real roots of peoples' troubles lay in an early mismatch between their needs and their experiences. In Balint's view this "basic fault" represented the starting point of an emotional fault line that often carried over into later life. Read more...

House Conservatives Targeted by Bloomberg-Soros-Zuckerberg Amnesty Snake Oil Peddlers

By Ronald W. Mortensen, October 22, 2013

According to USA Today, around 300 "conservatives" will be flown to Washington D.C. by the same people who brought us the 2008 economic meltdown, record levels of illegal immigration, rampant child identity theft, a declining middle class, and efforts to implement gun control, and who openly consort with self-declared felons. Read more...

Amnesty as a Civil Right: Part 3

By Stanley Renshon, October 21, 2013

In 1991 Harvard Law School professor Mary Ann Glendon published an important book entitled Rights Talk: The Impoverishment of Political Discourse. In it, she noted Americans' modern tendency to view nearly every social controversy as a clash of rights.

Professor Glendon's observations are a useful framework within which to consider the new effort to make the legalization of illegal aliens a new civil right. Read more...

Fire Americans First

By David North, October 21, 2013

From Marianas Variety, one of the dailies in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, just north of Guam:

Just after Columbus Day, around 151 workers received a one-day notice of termination from Guam Industrial Services Inc. (dba Guam Shipyard). The termination came in the wake of the company losing an award contract to provide ship repair service for the Military Sealift Command at the former U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility.

Amnesty as a Civil Right: Part 2

By Stanley Renshon, October 18, 2013

A Reuters news article on the decision of California Governor Jerry Brown to sign a bill enabling illegal aliens to obtain state driver's licenses contained this sentence: "The law is part of a broader effort to expand immigrant rights in strongly Democratic California, where 2.6 million people - most of them Latino - lack legal status, according to a recent study by the University of Southern California." (Emphasis mine.) Read more...

Infosys Sees Losses from its Hiring Policy

By David North, October 18, 2013

A tiny bit of news appeared in an unlikely source recently – a corporate financial statement.

The news was that IT giant Infosys, one of the biggest of the Indian body shops, or outsourcing firms, has felt it necessary to set aside $35 million to meet costs stemming from investigations and court cases related to its nonimmigrant hiring policies, and to let stockholders know about that in a quarterly report. Read more...

Amnesty as a Civil Right: Part 1

By Stanley Renshon, October 18, 2013

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan's memorable phrase "Defining Deviancy Down" tartly and honestly captured the irony of the determined, but futile effort to avoid dealing with a breakdown in America's social and legal norms surrounding crime and family life. Faced with behavior that it was unwilling to confront, or perhaps lacking the means to do so, America, he wrote, had simply tried to define the problem away. Read more...

Yelp Gives Five-Star Review to Amnesty; So Do Virgin America,, E-Bay

By Jon Feere, October 18, 2013

More than 450 corporate interests and advocacy groups recently signed a letter calling for doubling legal immigration numbers and legalizing the 11 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States. The letter – available in PDF format – calls for enacting "Immigration Reform NOW". (A similar pro-amnesty letter was recently released by 100 corporate interests from the Cheesecake Factory to Hallmark Cards. An analysis of that letter is available here.) Read more...

Corporate Founders, Apples and Oranges – Revisited

By David North, October 18, 2013

Big business advocates of more immigration love to say that 52 percent of the Silicon Valley startups were associated with immigrants, as mentioned in an earlier blog "Start-up Founders, Patents, Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics and Migration Policy".

As I pointed out then, the 52 percent is not the percentage of Silicon Valley startup founders; it is the percentage of such firms that had one or more immigrants among their founders, and each firm can have one to multiple founders. Such studies never calculate the percentage of founders who are immigrants, a percentage sure to be substantially less than 52 percent. Read more...

Defining Immigration Enforcement Down

By Stanley Renshon, October 17, 2013

In 1993, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Harvard Professor and then U.S. Senator (D-NY), published a seminal and prescient article in the winter issue of the American Scholar entitled "Defining Deviancy Down".

Moynihan's thesis was that, "over the past generation ... the amount of deviant behavior in American society has increased beyond the levels the community can 'afford to recognize' and that, accordingly, we have been re-defining deviancy so as to exempt much conduct previously stigmatized, and also quietly raising the 'normal' level in categories where behavior is now abnormal by any earlier standard." Read more...

Immigration Problems Through the Looking Glass – US and Belize

By David North, October 17, 2013

Here's the astoundingly modest claim of the Immigration Minister from the Central American nation of Belize:

And we do have some honest people in the Immigration Department.

Why the President’s Dual Track Immigration Strategy Failed, Part 2

By Stanley Renshon, October 16, 2013

Read Part I

The president wanted "comprehensive immigration reform", including the legalization of 11.7 million illegal aliens. However, he was stuck because of the public's deep skepticism about government's ability and willingness to be serious about immigration enforcement. He therefore had to demonstrate that the public could trust him.

The president and his advisors hit on what they thought was a shrewd strategy to accomplish this goal. They would argue that because of budgetary constraints, the administration had been forced to set priorities and institute limits. That required them to concentrate their limited resources by focusing their enforcement efforts on America's most dangerous illegal aliens. Read more...

A Whole New Asylum Category?
S.744 invites "stateless" to the U.S.

By Don Barnett, October 16, 2013
S.744 invites "stateless" to the U.S.

White House Director of Immigration Reform Esther Olavarria reportedly told an audience at the September 19 Congressional Black Caucus annual conference that S.744 (the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill) has a number of "important provisions that have stayed under the radar, and we'd actually like to keep them under the radar ... because we want to be able to maintain them as we go through the legislative process." Read more...

Principle of Immigration Reform: It Shouldn't Take a Lawyer to Do a Visa Application

By John Miano, October 16, 2013

Last week I started putting down principles for real immigration reform.

For this week I state the principle that the immigration system should be simple. Read more...

Implications of the Baby Hope Case for Immigration

By David Seminara, October 16, 2013

Twenty-two years ago, construction workers found the emaciated, naked body of a four-year old girl in a filthy cooler near the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York City. Neither the child, dubbed Baby Hope by police, nor her murderer were identified until this past weekend, when police arrested Conrado Juarez, a 52-year-old dishwasher from Mexico who confessed to the sexual assault and murder of his cousin, Baby Hope, identified as Anjelica Castillo.

The New York Times reported Monday that relatives of Juarez, who police suspect may also be implicated in other violent crimes, knew he had killed the little girl but didn't speak up because "many were living in the United States illegally." The New York Post went a step further, reporting that Juarez himself is in the country illegally, working as a dishwasher at Trattoria Pesce Pasta in Greenwich Village. Read more...

Of Course I'll Respect Your Immigration Laws in the Morning

By Mark Krikorian, October 15, 2013

The core obstacle to amnesty is trust. Yes, it would reward lawbreakers. It would be extremely costly. It would create millions of additional Democrat voters. But the stupefying sums of corporate money pushing the Schumer-Rubio amnesty could drown out these concerns if not for one thing: No one, not anyone anywhere, believes a new set of immigration laws would be enforced any more zealously than the old set, meaning we'd just end up with a new illegal-alien population a few years hence that Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio and Reince Priebus would tell us had to be amnestied. Read more...

Illegal Alien Heads Obamacare Navigator Program in NYC

By James R. Edwards Jr., October 15, 2013

Now that the Obamacare health insurance "exchanges" are live, experiencing technical difficulties, and facing growing scrutiny for risking Americans' privacy, Americans concerned about just where their hard-earned tax dollars are going might want to know more about Obamacare "navigators." Hint: They don't carry maps and compasses, and they aren't carefully vetted government agents, though their groups are collecting millions in taxpayer money. Some of the navigators are illegal aliens themselves. Read more...

Pakistani Brits Open up on Deceptive Alien-Citizen Marriages

By David North, October 15, 2013

There is relatively little written in the U.S. about deception-based immigration/marriage fraud.

That occurs when the alien persuades the citizen (or, less often, the green card holder) that the alien is in love with the citizen and wants to marry that person for his or her charms – when the real attraction is a green card for the alien. Read more...

Two Stories of Immigration and Human Capital

By Jerry Kammer, October 15, 2013

Two stories last week in El Diario de El Paso, a Spanish language newspaper in that city, illustrate one of the most salient features of immigration to the United States: the fact that it brings us many people who have an abundance of what social scientists call the "human capital" to become productive members of society, and many more who do not. Read more...

Start-up Founders, Patents, Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Migration Policy

By David North, October 14, 2013

How often do you encounter a phrase like this (from the current issue of the Economist)?

Immigrants are responsible for launching about half the country’s most successful start-ups and producing a striking number of its patents.

Hearts, Flowers, and Violins for an Illegal Alien’s Sturdy Father

By David North, October 11, 2013

This is a story about a reasonably healthy, 65-year-old man. Born in China, he works full time in the United States, owns a restaurant and (assuming that he has paid his social security taxes) is covered right now by Medicare and is about to start receiving social security benefits.

He is thus in better financial shape than many other Americans of his age. Further, he is legally present in the United States and has been here for 24 years. He could become a citizen if he wanted. Read more...

How to Fix H.R. 3141, The Biometric Exit Improvement Act of 2013

By Janice Kephart, October 9, 2013

On October 9, 2013, the House Homeland Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security Chairwoman Candice Miller (R-Mich.) and Ranking Member Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) were scheduled to hold a meeting to mark up their bill, H.R. 3141, "The Biometric Exit Improvement Act of 2013". The meeting was postponed but the committee should be commended for trying to deal with this issue in a considered manner, and for seeking to build consensus on a difficult issue that has plagued the U.S. immigration system since 1996. Read more...

It's Diversity Visa Month — Again; Ironies Abound

By David North, October 9, 2013

It's Diversity Visa Lottery time again!

No other nation in the world runs a lottery for immigrant visas, only the United States. Read more...

If You Have a Party and Most of Your Guests Don't Show . . .

By Marguerite Telford, October 9, 2013

Yesterday the Obama administration opened up the National Mall, closed to the general public due to the government shutdown, making a special exception to allow pro-amnesty groups to hold a rally. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, polite as ever, thanked the president for allowing the protesters to convene there, despite the fact that anyone else who wandered onto the Mall yesterday risked arrest, as it is currently "illegal" to visit the open-air site while it, and hundreds of other monuments and national parks, are officially "shut down". Read more...

Principle of Immigration Reform: Abolish Employment-Based Green Cards

By John Miano, October 8, 2013

We have seen that the Washington establishment is committed to not reforming immigration. "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" has become a euphemism for "amnesty for illegal aliens" plus "more foreign labor" plus "all the goodies lobbyists can throw in". The result is a 1,000-plus page bill that allegedly reforms a system created in 120 pages.

When you read the bill, you find a key piece is missing: reform.

I thought I would start writing down what I would expect to be in an immigration reform bill. I will try to put these down as I have time. Read more...

Forced Weddings are the Worst Kind of Immigration/Marriage Fraud

By David North, October 8, 2013

The worst kind of immigration-related marriage fraud is that involving forced marriages.

Routinely, the unwilling member of the wedding is a young U.S. citizen woman who belongs to a deeply conservative immigrant family; the usual groom is an alien of similar ethnic background, but he is older and at least a bit richer than his spouse and, though it is probably politically incorrect to say so, usually everyone involved is a Muslim. Read more...

Why the President's Dual-Track Immigration Strategy Failed

By Stanley Renshon, October 7, 2013

On immigration, President Obama was running two races at the same time, a marathon and a sprint. He needed to convince the public that he was serious about immigration enforcement so that he would have the legitimacy to propose a large-scale amnesty. Read more...

Replacing Americans

By John Miano, October 7, 2013

Byron York noticed the great paradox of the cheap labor efforts of American business. York observed last week that Merck plans to lay off one-fifth of its workers. Yet its V.P of human resources sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demanding Congress allow more foreign labor into the country. Read more...