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Evil Deeds Flow Both Ways with the K-1 (Fiancé) Visa

Recently a reporter working for a U.S.-based, Mandarin-language publication asked me what should be done about the K-1 visa, which has been negatively impacting some older Chinese-American males. This happens when their new, young, alien wives from China turn around and accuse them of abuse, and secure green cards in that way. (The reporter's assumption was that many, if not most, of the abuse charges were fraudulent.)

Topics: Marriage Fraud

Hypocrisy Thrives in Darkness

The Washington Post's one-sided coverage of "a nation of immigrants"

One of the first things that you find out as a fellow in a think tank is that not everything that you write gets printed. That said, if a media institution is going to hold itself out as an unbiased guardian of democracy, it owes a duty to its readers to print more than one side of an issue of public interest.

Double-Dealing EB-5 Lawyer Sued by SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sued an EB-5 lawyer in California for charging his clients fees on EB-5 transactions and then also collecting fees from regional centers for placing the half-million dollar investments with the centers, without disclosing this to the clients. I have heard of this kind of double-dipping, but do not recall seeing a court case on this practice.
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