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Blinded by Empathy

Misguided altruism and immigration policy

The concept of "pathological altruism" can help explain much of the political debate surrounding immigration.
Topics: Politics

Grim Advice to Some Citizens Hurt by Some Aliens

There is no entity named the "National Association to Help Individual Citizens Hoodwinked by Individual Aliens" (NAHICHIA), and there probably will never be one, but we at the Center often hear from the injured citizens hurt by individual aliens and, sadly, there is usually little that we can do to help.
Topics: Criminal Aliens

Family Apprehensions Surge in August

Correlation implies causation, according to the CBP commissioner

Yesterday I discussed a notice of proposed rulemaking "Apprehension, Processing, Care, and Custody of Alien Minors and Unaccompanied Alien Children". If adopted, the regulations would make it easier for DHS to maintain custody of family units, that is, parents or guardians entering illegally with children. The most recent border apprehension statistics show why that rule is so necessary.

Southwest Border Apprehensions Continue to Surge

Only Congress can end catch-and-release

The 2018 fiscal year is not over for another month, but apprehensions at the southwest border have already eclipsed the number seen in FY 2017.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released the August numbers in the "Southwest Border Migration FY 2018" report. The report counts the number of individuals caught attempting to illegally enter the United States from Mexico, and is widely used as a tool measuring illegal inflows into the country.

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