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Fifth Circuit Upholds Texas ICE-Detainer Mandate

The circuit court held that the lower court had erred in holding that state and local officers could only arrest aliens where there was a probable cause of criminality, writing that such a claim is "patently at odds with immigration law and procedure; civil removal proceedings necessarily contemplate detention absent proof of criminality."

E-Verify Continues to Grow

Since its inception, E-Verify has been one of the most successful tools available to address illegal employment, which is widely acknowledged as the primary motivation for illegal immigration. The Center's new Data Portal for government statistics includes noteworthy current data showing continued growth in E-Verify usage.

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'Abolish ICE!'

Just when you think the far left can't get any more unhinged from the rest of American society, various media outlets are reporting that there is a growing movement among progressive activists pressuring Democrats to publicly call for the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the arm of the federal government that conducts immigration enforcement in the interior of the United States.

Immigration Policy Leanings of the Next Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

While the State Department plays a key role in the immigration process (both because of visa screening overseas and its role with refugees), the secretary spends only a tiny fraction of his or her time dealing with migration issues.

Nevertheless, the background and the policy attitudes of that official can play a major role in setting the atmosphere in which junior diplomats make individual visa decisions.

A Superfluity of Mexican Consular Facilities in the United States

Maybe the Department of State needs to engage in a serious bilateral discussion with Mexico over the appropriate limits of conduct and activities undertaken by its diplomatic missions. If that doesn't work, then perhaps our own diplomats should rethink the desirability of reciprocity, and begin the process of ordering a shutdown of Mexican consular missions that are above and beyond the number of U.S. facilities that now exist in Mexico.
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