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The Real Moral Dilemma of Refugee Resettlement

If not only the most vulnerable, then whom do we pick?

How are the "lucky few" chosen out of millions of refugees with similar backgrounds, broken livelihoods, foreign policy implications, and potential to adapt to Western societies? Refugees should not be randomly picked to come here or stay behind. This is the real moral dilemma.

Congressional Leadership Slips Increase in H-2B Visas into Funding Bill

As it has done previously, the leadership of Congress — in the dead of the night, as it were — has slipped in an opportunity to expand the H-2B program (for unskilled non-agricultural workers) into the omnibus funding bill passed by the House this morning and expected to pass the Senate momentarily. H-2B workers are used in the forestry, landscaping, and hospitality industries.

It was another one of those changes in legislation that escapes public hearings and floor votes, the way that Congress used to function.

Another Instance of Journalistic Faux Compassion and Migrants 'Living in Fear'

In a recent post, I decried the propensity of many mainstream reporters these days to go for the quick, cheap human interest/"live in fear" aspect of illegal immigration to the United States, rather than consider at length the full spectrum of what it means for our country, good, bad, and in between. In that vein, my attention was caught by a recent Miami Herald article: "Fearing deportation under Trump, these immigrants prepare to become untraceable".

Sen. Grassley Opposes Short-Term Extension of EB-5, but Big Money Prevails

It looks like there will be another short-term extension of the main part of the controversial EB-5 (immigrant investor) program, but this time over the vigorous objections of the chairman of the Senate committee in charge of such things, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

That extension, if it occurs, will be part of the omnibus spending bill and will extend the life of the program, now due to end on March 23, until September 30. There have been about half a dozen of these short-term extensions in recent years.

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