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Poll: Immigration a Leading Issue Heading into Midterms

Support surprisingly strong among Republican voters

While 26 percent of registered Republicans "cited immigration as the most important issue likely to determine their vote," only 7 percent of Democrats identified immigration as their main concern. In fact, immigration was number three on the list for Democrats, behind healthcare and the economy.

Washington Post Analysis of Immigrant Admissions Under Trump Ignores Half of All Immigrants to Reach Erroneous Conclusions

A recent story in the Washington Post concluding that the Trump administration is deliberately suppressing immigration, especially from Muslim-majority countries, is based on a deeply flawed analysis that included statistics for only half of all recent immigrant admissions. As a result, the Post's numbers and conclusions are way off — so far off that the story should be retracted and rewritten.

Abolish ICE?

A movement to take literally, but not seriously

There is no doubt that the Democratic politicians who support and promote the "Abolish ICE" movement really mean it. From at least 2010 until the inauguration of Donald Trump, the Obama administration attempted to spend as much time and money as possible not enforcing the immigration laws in the interior of the United States.

Joining Ocasio-Cortez in Call to Abolish ICE

Leaping over the political precipice?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez scored an upset victory over longtime incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in the June 28 Democratic primary election for New York's U.S. House District 14. Many pundits have cited her win as evidence of the casting off by younger Democratic voters of the bonds linking them to older career pols like Crowley who, until being toppled, was thought to be in the running to take over Nancy Pelosi's job at some future point.

24 MS-13 Members Indicted in Maryland

Working with the FBI and local law enforcement partners, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) indicted 24 members of the MS-13 gang in and around the Baltimore area. Of the 24 arrested, 11 were indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit murder.
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