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Sheriffs: 287(g) Partnerships Improve Public Safety and Reduce Criminal Justice Costs

The 287(g) program provides local law enforcement entities the opportunity to partner with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and train local officers to perform immigration law enforcement functions. ICE currently has 78 law enforcement agencies in 20 states enrolled in the program, up from 30 at the end of the Obama administration, and they have trained and certified more than 1,822 individual officers.

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Tennessee Sanctuary City Bill Being Grossly Misrepresented

[From an op-ed published over the weekend in the Nashville Tennessean.]

Hysteria over "mass deportation," "vigilantism" and "profiling" that will result if the sanctuary city bill sitting on Governor Haslam’s desk is signed into law is pure propaganda ginned up by the professional left and their fellow travelers.

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