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N.Y. Governor Gets Serious About Domestic Violence ... or Does He?

Two of the things I dislike most in our divisive national discourse on so many subjects are 1) logical inconsistency, and 2) how frequently prominent politicians fail to connect the dots between different subjects — sometimes for lack of vision, and sometimes as a deliberate strategy because linking the subjects would require a change in position on one side or the other (refer back to item 1).
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Expedite Denial of Baseless Asylum Claims

A simple way the attorney general could reduce the immigration court backlog

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the Department of Justice component responsible the supervising the nation's 58 immigration courts, has issued a "Backgrounder on [its] Strategic Caseload Reduction Plan". Having encountered similar proposals in the past, I am generally skeptical of their ultimate effectiveness.

The U.S. Does Not Use Emigration as a Social Tool

My colleague Jan Ting and I have commented on the number of tax and benefit programs that encourage illegal aliens to stay, rather than to emigrate. Congress has now gone a step further, to actively discourage the emigration of sex offenders.

Thoughtful Foreign Worker Policy Is MIA in Our Pacific Islands

Here's the situation: Our government senses a "need", or more precisely, a desire, for 4,000 entities at Location A; meanwhile, at Location B, not far away, there is both a surplus of the same entities, at about the 9,000 level, all under government control, and a congressional mandate that the entities on Location B must leave that territory.

You would think that a rational and thoughtful government would meet its needs at Location A from the surplus at Location B.

Data to Support Francis Cissna on Chain Migration

The press is gaslighting the American people

In the 1944 classic film, Gaslight (spoiler alert), Charles Boyer marries Ingrid Bergman following a brief romance and attempts to convince her that she is going insane so that he can discover jewels that he had killed her aunt, years before, to steal. He does this by convincing her that things she sees and hears are not occurring, and that things that she did not do, she did. The movie has entered the world of psychology and pop-psychology as "gaslighting".
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