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E-Verify Use Projected to Grow 442% 2007-2009

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) data from the first seven weeks of 2009 suggest that by the end of this year, E-Verify use will have grown 442 percent since 2007.Employers send queries to the free, online E-Verify system to determine the work-eligibility of new hires. As of the third week in February, online queries for 2009 were already approaching 3 million, almost half the 6.6 million queries for all of 2008, a number that was itself more than double the 2007 use of E-Verify.

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“Reviewing” Enforcement

Twenty-eight illegal aliens were detained during a workplace enforcement effort undertaken by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Bellingham, Wash., last week in what was the first workplace enforcement since President Obama took office. It was part of a gang investigation, and it likely took dangerous individuals off the streets. In a recent Center for Immigration Studies report on gangs, we explained how workplace enforcement is an important component of anti-gang efforts because of the fact that many illegal alien gang members hold jobs during the day, saving their violence for the dark of night. Much of this violence is directed at the immigrant community.

Washington Times Repeats 43’s 44% Myth

David Sands’ piece in Monday’s Washington Times entitled “Hispanics Wary of Future in GOP” has this nut graf:

Leading Hispanic Republican strategists say the natural attraction the party should enjoy with churchgoing, socially conservative Latino voters is being overwhelmed by a single issue: the party’s hard-line stance on illegal immigration.

Chandra Levy: The Immigration Angle

The D.C. Police Department announced today that illegal alien Ingmar Guandique will be charged for the May 2001 murder of 24-year-old congressional intern Chandra Levy. Since the media has focused largely on the relationship between Levy and then-Rep. Gary Condit (D-Calif.), the possible immigration connection went largely unnoticed. Even now news agencies from CBS to Fox News refuse to acknowledge that Guandique is in the country illegally.

Paseo Del Norte, Part II

Already published from this series: Part I

Holding the Line

El Paso is proud of its ranking as the 3rd safest city of its size (after San Jose and Honolulu and just ahead of New York City), and the safest border city. Considering that its Siamese twin Ciudad Juarez is probably the most dangerous city in the world, this is some achievement. One key factor in that status has to be the large Border Patrol presence and the fence. Over the last 15 years, through a combination of increased personnel, completion of the fence, technology to support agents in the field, and inventive policies, the El Paso Border Patrol sector has proven that indeed the border can be controlled. There are still some holes (literal and figurative), but it can be done. Their continued success will help keep El Paso safe and the rest of us, too.

Univision Anchor Admonishes Obama

Jorge Ramos, the Univision television news anchor named by Time Magazine as one of the nation's 25 most influential Hispanics, has become a fervent advocate of "comprehensive immigration reform" and the sweeping legalization it would offer to the nation's population of illegal immigrants. His news program reports almost every night on the fight for legalization. Those reports seldom give voice to those concerned about the negative effects that massive illegal immigration has on legal immigrants or on the country as a whole.

Of Country Bumpkins and City Slickers

In the age-old battle between the City Slicker and the Country Bumpkin, a literary opposition dating back to Greek and Roman sources that persists to this day in high and popular culture, the outcome never varies: the sophisticated overconfident Slicker loses to the ostensibly witless though wily-wise Country Bumpkin. The narrative expresses the triumph of the pastoral ideal, the tradition out of which the story line emerges, which asserts truth is most readily found and a virtuous, civilized life best lived farthest from cities and closest to nature. It would appear that Kirsten E.

Open borders as job security

The American Lawyer Daily has an interesting piece illustrating how immigration law firms push for more immigration simply as a means of revenue, without any concern for the impact on American society. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The article begins:

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