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Gangs responsible for 80% of crime?

The government is reporting that gangs are responsible for up to 80 percent of crime in communities across the nation. While the report is not yet public, one central conclusion is that street gangs are growing in size and strength. Many are transitioning from street-level distributors of narcotics to cartel-sized entities that are capable of competing with major drug-trafficking organizations. Increased violence accompanies this trend.

Beware of the Times Bearing Gifts

The New York Times editorial Saturday foreshadowing the "growth" in office by New York's junior senator included this precious line: "Ms. Gillibrand's House votes on immigration amounted to a repudiation of New York's special gift to America." In addition to demonstrating yet again the insufferable arrogance of the Times, this hilarious "special gift to America" stuff shows a central problem in immigration policmaking: In the minds of supporters of open borders, it's always 1907.

Hispanics for Tancredo

No, that's not the name of a new group, though it wouldn't surprise me. A new poll of the 2010 Senate prospects of Colorado's Democrat Gov. Bill Ritter found, among other things, that 35 percent of the state's Hispanic voters prefer immigration hawk Tom Tancredo to Ritter. Given the margins of error, that's the same share of the Hispanic vote in Colorado as McCain last year (reported as 38 percent), and Bush in 2004 (reported as 30 percent).

Obama’s Immigration Agenda

President Obama has released a five-step plan for tackling immigration. On some points, he’ll find plenty of support from the public; Americans overwhelmingly support secured borders and the reduction of incentives to enter illegally (of which there are many). On other agenda items (e.g. mass amnesty), he’ll waste political capital and have nothing to show for it at the end of his term. If Obama starts with the politically-practical items, the new president will find much success. He seems to already know this: during the primary debates, Obama promised that border security and ending illegal employment would be a prerequisite for amnesty.Here is the official plan from

Mexico’s Failings

The fragility of institutions is not a concern for most Americans. Despite our relatively short—and occasionally tumultuous—history, we view our situation with the hubris borne from beginning the world over again. There is a sense we are immune from the internal crises that threaten the civility of other parts of the world.

Wanted: Five Smooth Stones and a Sling

It's always been obvious that immigration lobbying has been lopsided, with the bulk of the money and groups on the expansionist side. But someone's now gone and quantified it, using House and Senate lobbying reports, and it's even worse than I thought. Fully 98 percent of the organizations lobbying on immigration are pushing Congress for some combination of amnesty, loose enforcement, and higher numbers. The fact we have any immigration limits or enforcement at all is a testament to the depth and breadth of public opposition to the open-borders agenda.

SC County’s Innovative Business Auditing Program Curbs Illegal Employment

Beaufort County has made great strides in creating a lawful employment environment in the South Carolina Low Country by implementing a creative and pioneering auditing program to help local businesses achieve compliance with immigration laws while exposing problems with fraudulent documents that enable illegal workers to get jobs. The effectiveness of this effort is further enhanced by strong state laws on illegal hiring and the county’s participation in the 287(g) program. These enable local law enforcement agencies to prosecute violators and have illegal workers removed. Local officials report signs that the illegal alien population in Beaufort County has been noticeably reduced.

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