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Diagnosis for Congressional Dems: Battle Fatigue

Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who was lead pollster for John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, surveyed the political terrain this morning in a discussion with Charlie Cook of the National Journal, Democratic pollster Fred Yang, and Hotline editor Amy Walter. McInturff predicted that congressional Democrats, exhausted with the Obama agenda, will have little enthusiasm for immigration reform bills in the near future.

Every City a Sanctuary City

The Democratic amnesty bill (HR 4321) is relatively modest in size, compared to other recent efforts, at a "mere" 644 pages. But those pages are packed with juicy bits of open-borders goodness. I mentioned some of the highlights yesterday, here and here, but there's plenty more.

Dead on Arrival

Not all change is reform. Sometimes the status quo is better than proposed changes, and the new Democratic amnesty bill is a case in point.

The Cat in the Hat Goes to the White House

"The Cat in the Hat" fancies an exasperating experience when two bored children receive an unwelcome visit from a naive and arrogant cat who causes destruction, and then more. I thought it an appropriate analogy to these first 300 days or so with the Obama administration.Here the Cat is President Obama, Thing One Harry Reid and Thing Two Nancy Pelosi. Sally and her brother are intelligence agents with their hands tied in the new administration.

The FBI's 2008 Hate Crimes Statistics: Open Season on Opponents of Illegal Immigration, But Not on Hispanics

The FBI’s latest annual “Hate Crimes Statistics” (the 2008 report was released last month) is by general consensus an unscientific, even haphazard measure of the frequency of criminal offenses committed against persons or property motivated, to employ statutory parlance, “in whole or in part by bias.” The FBI cautions us about the unreliability of the figures in several prominent places in the accompanying narrative.

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