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Audit or Arrest?

Rep. Lamar Smith, ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee and immigration-enforcement stalwart, wheedled updated statistics out of DHS and found that, in the words of the Washington Times story:

Napolitano Calls E-Verify 'Centerpiece of Immigration Reform'

Cooking up Thanksgiving-style metaphors, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano stated yesterday that "E-Verify is at the centerpiece of our efforts to maintain a legal workforce both for large and small businesses." She quickly added that "employers need to be held accountable for maintaining a legal workforce” and “our commitment to this approach is growing." It seems that E-Verify has made its way onto the menu for immigration fixings, so much so it holds a prominent position in the center of the immigration reform table.

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Money That Encourages International Migration -- a Typology

Although one would not know it by reading immigration policy debates, money paid to middlemen, mostly Americans, plays a major role in the whole process.If one seeks to manage, or at least nudge, events in immigration it is useful to visualize the financial transactions involving the non-migratory actors in the field, the people and institutions that shape migration but do not migrate themselves.

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Federal Employment Verification Requirements: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Recently, more than 1,200 janitors were fired in Minnesota when they were unable to provide ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) with proof of their legal status in the United States. In fact, according to John Keller, executive director of the nonprofit Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, the vast majority of the 1,250 fired workers turned out to be "undocumented."

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Bizarre Consistency: Obama, Immigrants, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Two recent decisions by the Obama Administration suggest a bizarre consistency -- no matter what the pressures are from Left or Right, the government will not do anything to or for immigrants that would discourage sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).It is not that there is a giant, well-funded lobby for sexually-transmitted diseases, but there might as well be one.

The Big Lie Behind H-1B Visas

The concept behind the "Big Lie" is that if you make the lie a big one and repeat it often enough, it becomes a fact.A Big Lie that has been prominent in the immigration debate has been the existence of a shortage of tech workers. The repeated claims a tech worker shortage has been the rallying cry for industry calls for more cheap foreign labor, generally on H-1B visas.

Immigration and Nepotism Revisited

You wouldn't know it from much of the news coverage, but the "comprehensive" immigration reforms favored by many immigration advocates would do far more than provide legal status to the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.Two other giant programs would offer a path to citizenship to many more newcomers who, like most of the illegal immigrant population, tend to be unskilled and poorly educated. This means that the demographic effect of "comprehensive" reforms would be an enormous increase in the population of the working poor.

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