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Immigration/Population Concerns Rise in Britain

The role of immigration as the leading source of population growth is a divisive issue among U.S. environmentalists. The Sierra Club, which once called for immigration policies aimed at stabilizing the population, has backed away from the issue. Others (see here, for instance) make the case that curtailment of immigration is essential to efforts to safeguard the environment.

Not Much of a Debate

The Economist's website is hosting a "debate" on the following proposition: "This house believes there is too much international migration." Arguing against the proposition is one Dr. Danny Sriskandarajah, Director of the Royal Commonwealth Society, saying all the usual tranzi stuff.

Mexico's Twin Tales of Astronaut Jose Hernandez

The story Astronaut Jose Hernandez, the flight engineer on the Space Shuttle Discovery's ongoing mission, is being told two ways in Mexico: one of pride in the accomplishments of the son of poor immigrants and one of pain because of the lack of opportunities in Mexico.

A Modified Limited Hangout

From a reader:

Interesting thing…the White House dedicated a whole website to debunking healthcare myths. They must finally realize that their claims that illegal immigrants won't be covered are untrue…because I can't find a single word about illegal immigrants on their page.

Mexico's Rising Fear of Social Unrest

Hurricane Jimena, now closing in on Baja California, is only the most dramatic of the threats confronting Mexico. Deepening unemployment and poverty, the brutal war between the government and drug cartels, and even looming water shortages all have ratcheted up the country's anxiety and social tension.Today's edition of the respected El Universal newspaper includes a warning from Mexico City's Human Rights Commission that there are signs that the water shortage there will create "spirals of violence."

Is the Congressional Research Service Making 'False Claims' Too?

Rep. Lamar Smith quotes from a new report by the Congressional Research Service to debunk President Obama's "willful misrepresentations," "outright distortions," and "outrageous myths" on immigration and health care.* Given the political importance of the illegal-alien question, it's worth quoting Smith's press release at length, especially since CRS reports aren't usually released to the public:

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