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This Just in!! President Reagan Endorses Enforcement-First Immigration Policy

"What would the Gipper do" is a question that some Republicans ask when they don't understand how, exactly, to apply Ronald Reagan's core character and worldview to the problems that America faces today. The result is a search for one or more "truths" to validate the author's speculations regarding what Reagan would have done relying on a direct extrapolation of America's circumstances in 1986, almost a quarter of a century ago, to those today.

New Arrivals Ripped Off by Their Countrymen

It is an unattractive old story, but it keeps happening.Newly-arrived aliens, usually with little or no chance of getting green cards, are cheated by their countrymen who promise – for stiff fees – legal status.Recently four such schemes have come to light as prosecutors have hauled the immigration schemers into court, in New York and Pennsylvania. Three of them involve Haitian applicants (and con artists with what sound like Haitian names) and will be described later in this blog.

Oil Spills and Immigration Policy

Is there any connection between American immigration policy and the oil spilling onto Gulf coast beaches from BP's Deepwater Horizon rig?The answer might seem an obvious "no." Efforts to make such a connection might seem ridiculous: an example of immigration reductionists' absurd creativity in finding links between immigration and any problems facing the United States. What's next, critics might ask. Are you going to blame immigration for the lack of focus in America's space program, or the profound lameness of Lady Gaga's latest CD?

Occupational Health Officials Oblivious to Legal/Illegal Distinction

Two federal occupational health officials, discussing the severe job-site health issues of immigrants yesterday, simply ignored the variable of legal or illegal presence.No one is arguing that a physician should not set the broken leg of an illegal alien, but it would be helpful if records were kept as to the likelihood of broken bones among different kinds of migrants.

Micro-Amnesty for Some Illegals Pending Before Congress

While it is taboo to talk about a policy that would prohibit the admission of migrants who might not be able to assimilate – such as Muslims who insist that women must wear the burqa – soon it may be possible to use the variable of cultural assimilation to give amnesty to an illegal alien.

USCIS Does Right Thing with H-1B, Then Gets Sued – Some Speculation

USCIS has just been sued by an employer's group for doing the right thing with a segment of the H-1B nonimmigrant worker program, according to an AP story.It had not been clear to me earlier this year that the policy memorandum on the use of the H-1B program by the so-called "body shops" (who play the same role as crew leaders in the harvest of farm crops) was very significant, but the court case suggests it was the right move.

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