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A Double Whammy in That Senate Appropriations Bill

While the Senate's effort to soothe restrictionists with some more Border Patrol agents and a couple of unmanned drones is an inadequate gesture, as Mark Krikorian's "Cheap Date" blog indicates, at least part of that supplemental appropriations package is quite commendable.That relates to some of the funding for the additional enforcement – it will come from discouraging nonimmigrant worker programs, a small-scale double whammy.

Looking for a Cheap Date

The Democrats seem to actually think that Senate passage of a bill providing for increased immigration enforcement personnel, two UAVs, and some other stuff is all it takes to convince people that the border is secure. As Politico described it:

Marriage Fraud a Growing Problem

Today Fox News highlighted the persistent problem of marriage fraud in the immigration process, and invited me to discuss the implications (view the video segment below). Marriage is the most common way for a foreign national to gain permanent residency – more than 415,000 marriage-based green cards were issued last year, and the number has grown by more than 50 percent in the last few years. More than two-thirds of these individuals are already living in the United States at the time of their green card application.

Topics: Marriage Fraud

The Klutz Factor in Illegal Immigration: The Dehydrated Flood Victim

I feel sorry for the guy, and am pleased that the Border Patrol rescued him from the flooded Rio Grande, but the news story reminded me of the seldom-remarked-upon klutz factor in illegal immigration.According to the account he was stranded in a tree while trying to cross the flooded river and had been there for five days. The BP spokesperson said that he was "severely dehydrated."

ICE's Mission Melt 2: It Won't Say Yes to Congressional Support

On July 22, 2010, I was one of five witnesses testifying before the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism at a hearing on "Enhancing DHS' Efforts to Disrupt Alien Smuggling Across Our Borders." I was invited to inform members of the committee about the reality of alien smuggling (and blatant drug cartel smuggling) on the Arizona border, especially over federal lands where there is little to no Border Patrol presence, by showing a short clip from "Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2," now in its third week and exceeding 300,000 youtube views. (See my written testimony here.)

Give Us Your Terrorists, Your MS-13 Homies . . .

Don't miss today's hot topic in immigration law training – "Gang-based asylum claims" (see Third Session). Learn how to establish that your gangster clients are "members of a particular social group," that they deserve humanitarian protection due to their "political opinions" or "religion" (such as La Familia, the murderous Mexican cult-like cartel), and what the UN guidelines are on these oppressed individuals. This e-learning session was preceded by one on how to help your client get a waiver if they are denied a green card or refugee status because of their links to terrorist groups. No, this wasn't in The Onion, it was in Immigration Daily, the leading e-newsletter of the immigration bar.

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