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ICE Enforcement in New Jersey Targets Sanctuary City Releases

Share of criminals among arrested aliens is in line with recent trends

ICE arrested 37 aliens in the sanctuary jurisdiction of Middlesex County, N.J., during a targeted enforcement operation. The operation specifically targeted aliens who were released by the Middlesex County Jail without honoring the detainer notices provided by ICE.

Judge Dolly Gee Issues a New Flores Order

A movie we have seen before

The effective termination, through judicial fiat, of the administration's efforts to end catch and release will result in more aliens attempting to enter the United States illegally. This is particularly true given the amount of media attention that the end of that program has garnered.

CBP Rescues Aliens from Smugglers

And other pictures you don't usually see

It is to the New York Times' credit that they published an unvarnished portrait of the dangers posed by smugglers to OTMs as they transit through Mexico. As a follow-up, perhaps that paper could follow a mother and her child on that same arduous trek. It would complete the picture that was taken on June 12, 2018, in McAllen, Texas, and broadcast around the world.

Growers Take a Leaf from EB-5, Plant Their Goodie in the Spending Bill

Thanks to a rider attached to the spending bill by Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.), the housing funded over the years by this program will now be thrown open to temporary foreign workers (the H-2As.) This will add yet another subsidy for agribusiness; not only do they get the H-2As for bargain prices, now some of the big firms will be able to house these workers in subsidized housing.
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