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Attorney General to Review Bond Eligibility for Border Aliens

It should be noted that if the attorney general determines that those aliens are subject to mandatory detention, that rule could apply to potentially tens of thousands of aliens. Through January 2018, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) found a credible fear of persecution had been established in more than 22,000 cases in just the first four months of FY 2018 alone. This means that, potentially, more than 60,000 aliens a year could be subject to detention pending a decision on their asylum applications after a credible-fear screening.

The Inherent Unfairness of an Immigration Provision in the Violence Against Women Act

An alien can allege that her (or his) spouse engages in domestic violence and abuse and — without that citizen having a chance to clear his (or her) name and possibly not even knowing that such an allegation has been levied with immigration officials — upon grant of the petition, a federal government employee has in effect certified that the citizen engages in spousal abuse.
Topics: Marriage Fraud
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