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Salvadorans Migrate for Economic Reasons

Concerns about violence are not at the forefront

As the survey report shows, migration is multi-causal. However, the immigration narrative in the United States has crafted a mono-causal "migration crisis" — that cause being violence. As a result, causes such as economic migration and family reunification are glaringly absent from the conversation. But as the Salvadoran case demonstrates, economic reasons and family reunification can be, and often are, predominant push and pull factors. Without recognizing these issues within the immigration debate, policies seeking to repair the U.S. immigration system will fail.

Proposed Public Charge Rule: Few Will Be Barred, Billions Will Be Saved

To review, the proposed rule will expand the types of public assistance that will be considered by immigration officials in making a public charge determination for new applicants, and will be stricter about how much past or potential future dependence on public assistance will disqualify an applicant. Here I'd like to add a few additional details and observations on the proposal to keep in mind as the process moves forward.

The Strange Case of Ramon Escobar

Alien accused of murder and attempted murder in L.A.

Exactly why he is in the United States is a mystery, but one that points out some significant flaws in our immigration system; flaws that were allegedly used to enable the perpetrator to inflict violence on the most underprivileged members of our society.
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Terrorist Travel to the United States Southern Border

Informative highlights from this month's 'Country Reports on Terrorism 2017' from the State Department

The reports on Western Hemisphere countries provide telling new details about porosity and localized immigration enforcement initiatives that impact assessments about the border infiltration threat.
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