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The Lopsided State of Legal 'Standing' in Immigration Cases

The result is a lopsided system in which our courts have become a venue for aliens to chip away at the protections supposedly afforded to citizens in federal law, protections that are designed to shield them from the harm of an out-of-control immigration system — yet the citizenry has no similar recourse in the courts.
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What's Going on in Brussels?

Migration is dividing the European Union

Migration continues to be the issue of the day for the European Union and its constituent member-states. Angela Merkel herself said that migration could "decide the fate of the EU".

The First Border-Crosser to Attack in North America: Finally, an Update

Answers to lingering questions come in a new 3,500-word report on the 2017 Edmonton, Alberta, vehicle attack

Now we know more about the Sharif case, thanks to Edmonton Journal/Edmonton Sun reporter Johnny Wakefield, who stepped up to ask hard questions. Wakefield's findings considerably raise the probability that land border immigration systems broke down then and, if still unaddressed, will only aid the free movement of future unvetted "special interest alien" migrants from countries of terrorism concern coming over the border.

Interesting Takeaways in Recent Report on Asylum

Backlogs create an incentive to apply simply to get a work permit

The Migration Policy Institute recently issued a report captioned "The U.S. Asylum System in Crisis, Charting a Way Forward". I will discuss the recommendations in that report in a future post. There are some important takeaways that are worth noting in the interim, however.
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