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Acting AG Takes on Family-Based Asylum Claims

Greater use of certification authority

Certification is a powerful tool for setting immigration policy, but one that has been largely ignored in recent administrations until AG Sessions revitalized it. Last week, the acting AG utilized that authority again, this time in a case involving family-based asylum claims.

Growing Skepticism as Final Vote Nears on UN's Global Compact for Migration

Why not on the Global Compact on Refugees as well?

The United Nations "Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration" is to be officially endorsed in a couple of days in Morocco. The closer we are to the date, the less attractive the idea of global governance of migration sounds. The list of countries opposing the compact is growing. Since the United States' withdrawal last year, nine other countries (so far) have followed suit: the Dominican Republic, Australia, Israel, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, and Austria.

Topics: Refugees

Birthright Citizenship as a Magnet

Mother gives birth after entering illegally, and the family is then released

There are legal arguments against the proposition that all children born on U.S. soil, and in a particular children born to aliens illegally present, are automatically granted U.S. citizenship. To turn off this particular magnet, the Trump administration and its Justice Department may want to explore those arguments.
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