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A Call for DHS to Reform EB-5

Three of the "Four Corners" Write to Secretary Nielsen

Since big-city, big-money interests have blocked congressional reform of the corruption-ridden EB-5 (immigrant investor) program, the Trump administration should implement the administrative reforms proposed in the final days of the Obama administration, according to three key members of Congress.

Where Are the Refugees?

Resettlement advocates need to answer some questions themselves

Improving the screening and vetting of refugees and reducing the untenable asylum backlog cannot be achieved without decreasing the number of refugee admissions

President Trump has every right to defend our border and not give in to migrant group's demands

President Trump's announcement that he is prepared to use military resources to deal with a long-simmering border crisis is a welcome response to the vexing influx of illegal arrivals, including those hoping to take advantage of our broken system for handling asylum seekers. Some Democrats are already describing the president's announcement as an act of hate: "President Trump's statements about deploying our military to the U.S.-Mexico border and downplaying the strength of our laws do little more than stoke anti-immigrant hate," said Rep.

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