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Gang Membership and the Latest Flores Order

It is beyond time for Congress to act to amend the Flores settlement agreement and return logic to the detention of alien minors in the United States. Until then, litigation of these issues will continue, as the Department of Justice and HHS struggle with the implementation of the latest interpretation of that agreement.
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Appropriating More Catch and Release

The "Smugglers' Relief Act"

Were the Price-Yoder amendment to be included in any ultimate appropriation, USCIS asylum officers would be compelled to find a "credible fear" of persecution in cases in which, ultimately, an immigration judge (IJ) would be compelled to deny asylum.

A Perfect Storm of Errors Complicates an Immigration Court Hearing

A perfect storm of errors and bad luck strained, but did not break, the composure of an immigration judge at a recent hearing attended by some members of the CIS staff. It was an example of how difficult it can be to provide justice on the mass basis that has been caused by the huge backlog in the immigration courts, often described by our colleague Andrew R. Arthur. It also showed how the courts' resources can be wasted in individual cases.
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