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An ICE Agent Publicly Brings Her Agency into Disrepute, Apparently Without Consequence

On April 13, a woman called into WNYC radio in connection with a discussion of a strike by New York City public defenders to protest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents attending courtrooms in the city to take custody of alien defendants charged with crimes. The ICE agents do this because the city has enacted stringent sanctuary policies that prohibit its police and corrections officers from cooperating or communicating with ICE over such aliens – or even conducting interviews within their facilities.

Asylum Law Is Not Intended for Domestic Violence

Mechanisms to provide various forms of relief for alien victims of domestic abuse – and to effect the deportation of alien abusers – already exist in the law, and asylum seems to me an inappropriate form of relief for that purpose.
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Refugee Resettlement Fallacies

David Miliband, head of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) (and a former British cabinet minister), criticized the Trump administration in a recent op-ed for its "animus" towards the U.S. refugee resettlement program. Like many refugee advocates before him, he makes a number of false assertions as he laments the current drop in refugee admissions into the U.S.
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