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What if the President Is a Secret Genius?

Machiavelli or Chance the gardener?

President Trump's actions at the Helsinki summit, at which he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, had nothing to do with immigration, but his performance there suggests a style of operating that puts the administration's recent actions on border security into context.
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The High Cost of Non-Enforcement

A "catch and release" tale

In any other criminal context, lawsuits filed on behalf of the children of defendants for separation from their incarcerated parents would be baseless. It is only because the immigration laws have not been enforced vigorously over the years that such lawsuits would be considered at all.

ICE Enforcement in New Jersey Targets Sanctuary City Releases

Share of criminals among arrested aliens is in line with recent trends

ICE arrested 37 aliens in the sanctuary jurisdiction of Middlesex County, N.J., during a targeted enforcement operation. The operation specifically targeted aliens who were released by the Middlesex County Jail without honoring the detainer notices provided by ICE.
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