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The Inherent Unfairness of an Immigration Provision in the Violence Against Women Act

An alien can allege that her (or his) spouse engages in domestic violence and abuse and — without that citizen having a chance to clear his (or her) name and possibly not even knowing that such an allegation has been levied with immigration officials — upon grant of the petition, a federal government employee has in effect certified that the citizen engages in spousal abuse.
Topics: Marriage Fraud

New York Times Seeks 163 H-1B Workers over Five Years, Also 31 Green Cards

When the New York Times writes about the H-1B program for foreign workers, it is often sympathetic to it and is rarely critical. When the same publication needs (rather well-paid) workers, it often uses the H-1B program, seeking 163 such workers in the years 2014-2018. It also filed 31 green card petitions.

DACA Student under Anti-ICE Terrorism Investigation Chooses Mexico Deportation over Further Disclosure

U.S. congressman wrote a letter on his behalf

Rather than face court proceedings that would further disclose why an FBI counterterrorism investigation has targeted him, San Antonio DACA recipient Sergio "Mapache" Salazar chose to take deportation to Mexico instead.
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