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The Homeland Security Show with Janice Kephart - Premiere Show

By Janice Kephart, March 22, 2012

"The Homeland Security Show with Janice Kephart", my new Internet radio show, premiered on on Monday, March 19. I invite you to download the first episode and hope you will tune in every Monday at 7 p.m. EST to listen to the show live. The show is something I do on my own and is not a Center for Immigration Studies project. Read more...

New York State's "Dream Act": Committing Most Crimes Is No Barrier

By Stanley Renshon, March 22, 2012

Various federal and state versions of "Dream Act" legislation seem tailor-made as a wedge issue and are used that way by advocates. Who could be against helping those who were brought here illegally as infants and young children by their parents and now suffer the consequences of their parents' effort to give them a better life? Why, people, mostly though not wholly Republicans, who are "anti-immigrant", that's who.

The reality is quite different.

New York State's "Dream Act": An Ongoing Incentive for More Illegal Immigration

By Stanley Renshon, March 21, 2012

The poster stories of infants and very young children brought to the United States illegally by their parents are meant to present those who support enforcement of American immigration laws with a dilemma. "Look at these poor children", we are told. "They were brought here by their parents seeking a better life and had no control over that choice."

For some as-yet unknown number of persons that is true. But it is not true for all of those who would be covered by most versions of the Dream Act, including the proposed New York State laws we are discussing. Read more...

Suggestions for a Term to Replace "Illegal Immigrant"

By Ronald W. Mortensen, March 21, 2012

According to Fox News Latino:

The Drop the I-Word campaign began two years ago by the online magazine Colorlines. Their efforts have targeted politicians and the media and urged them to stop using the term "illegal immigrant" and use "undocumented worker" or "undocumented immigrant" instead.

Less Profit, More Oversight Needed for Exchange Sponsors

By Jessica Vaughan, March 21, 2012

An excellent NBC Rock Center expose discussed yet another sad side to the appallingly under-regulated foreign exchange visitor program. The story revealed how the State Department's lax rules have resulted in dozens of high school exchange students being placed with hosts who sexually molested them, even as their non-profit sponsors rake in millions of dollars a year. One young victim described this centerpiece of American public diplomacy as a "scam". Read more...

New York State's "Dream Act" for "Children": Bait & Switch

By Stanley Renshon, March 20, 2012

New York State Democrats' latest effort to enact a limited version of the Dream Act deals only with making "financial aid available to illegal immigrants at colleges and universities." Such students are already able to pay tuition and fees at in-state rates at New York States' public universities. Read more...

Unfortunate Precedent — the Uruguayan ID Card for Its Illegals

By David North, March 20, 2012

Uruguay is copying what the Mexican government has done for years — issuing consular cards to identify a group of its citizens here — who are, incidentally, largely in illegal status.

It is an unfortunate move, and there are no indications that our government is doing anything about it, although it could. The cards, matricula consular in Spanish, give a sheen of plausibility to the people carrying them and, while not an indication of legal presence in the United States, the cards do help the illegals with such activities as opening a bank account. Read more...

New York State's "Dream Act": An Unnecessary Bill

By Stanley Renshon, March 19, 2012

The New York Times recently provided an update on efforts by New York State Democrats to enact their version of what is euphemistically mislabeled the "dream act". According to the Times, "Its goal is to help ambitious youths who were brought here as children and are American in all but the paperwork." More limited in scope than those that propose a "pathway to legalization", these draft bills present themselves as very narrowly conceived and concerned Read more...

An Unintended Burst of Governmental Honesty?

By David North, March 19, 2012

One worries that government agencies, in their formal reports, gild their lilies and hide their failures.

But a glance at the USCIS Ombudsman's most recent report shows a different story.

To summarize, the Ombudsman has made 16 formal recommendations to the head office of USCIS since December 5, 2008, and only three of them have been implemented. The following table from the report shows first part of its summary: Read more...

What Will It Take to Get Congress to Clean Up the H-1B Program?

By John Miano, March 19, 2012

I have been following the H-1B issue for nearly two decades now. The most striking thing I have learned is how Congress dances to big money and has become powerless to act in the public good.

The first government H-1B audit came out in 1996. Read more...

USCIS Again Focus Resources on a Tiny Alien Population — Wandering Ministers

By David North, March 16, 2012

Instead of spending its limited resources on important issues — like who should and who should not come to the United States — USCIS has, yet again, spent executive energy and federal money on a population so tiny that one would need a microscope to find it. Read more...

Where Are You, Now That We Need You, Booker T?: Black Leadership and Immigration Reform

By Otis Graham, March 16, 2012

Arguably the last and least publicized social reform movement of the 1960s-1970s took organizational form in 1979 as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The Washington-based group was created to work toward smaller and better-selected immigration flows than had been authorized by the carelessly drawn immigration law of l965. The talk among the organizers quickly turned to potential allies to strengthen this smallish organization. Read more...

USCIS Annual Report Lacks Editorial Punch of the Phone Book

By David North, March 15, 2012

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Fiscal Year 2011 Highlights Report has just been released.

I expected it to be self-congratulatory, larded with bureaucratic language, and sprinkled with some half-truths, but also to be a slick, well-written, well-presented document. Read more...

Sunshine, Saguaros, and Smugglers

By John Wahala, March 14, 2012

In late February, the Center for Immigration Studies hosted its second tour of the southwest border. Last year we explored the eastern half of Arizona and this year we began just west of Yuma in the Imperial Valley of California. Led by Jerry Kammer, our group crisscrossed almost a thousand miles, from the dunes around Algodones to the eastern portions of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge near Tucson. We saw captivating landscapes and got invaluable insight on the human and drug cartels that operate in the area. Read more...

Why You Should Be Concerned About Utah's Key Role in the Amnesty Movement

By Ronald W. Mortensen, March 13, 2012

Utah was carefully chosen by the pro-illegal alien amnesty movement, including the government of Mexico, to serve as the jumping-off point for another national amnesty. Read more...

The Hairsplitters Are at It Again, This Time with L-1B Alien Workers

By David North, March 13, 2012

We recently reported that the judicial branch has decided that sleeping with an illegal, and sharing your house with him, is not "harboring" an illegal entrant. In that case, as noted in a recent blog, the more-migration people used a very tight (and I think out-of-date) definition of harboring, which, in turn, may lead to still laxer interior enforcement.

Harboring an illegal alien is against the law, unless you define "harboring" away. Read more...

Ten Reasons to be Skeptical of an Obama Biometric Exit

By Janice Kephart, March 12, 2012

In June 2009, US-VISIT conducted the required Exit pilots at Detroit and Atlanta. One tested TSA checkpoints, the other required CBP to screen departures on the jetway. Both went very well, with no increase in processing time that amounted to missed flights, or even longer flow time or lines. Those processed complied. Overstays and watchlist hits were found. The technology worked. Overall, the Air Exit pilots confirmed the ability to biometrically record the exit of those aliens subject to US-VISIT departing by air.

Exit Coming Soon?

By James R. Edwards Jr., March 12, 2012

Good news finally has come out of the Obama Homeland Security Department. At a recent House hearing, DHS antiterrorism official John Cohen said that within weeks the department will have a biometric exit portion of the entry-exit system ready to go. Read more...

Immigration Marriage Fraud and Murder, a Recurring Combination

By David North, March 12, 2012

I have been collecting news stories that combine immigration marriage fraud and murder.

Too often marriage fraud is treated lightly by the press, which uses soft terms like "marriage of convenience" or "sham marriage" to describe this crime.

When murder is also involved, the press gets a little more serious, but it often still misses the point. Read more...

With Friends Like Boehner. . .

By Mark Krikorian, March 8, 2012

When I wrote about Lamar Smith’s E-Verify bill last summer, I thought the difficult part would be getting through the Senate. Shows you what I know. Instead, it’s Speaker Boehner who’s determined not to allow any immigration measure to come to a floor vote. Read more...

Two New Immigration Bills Illustrate the Slow Growth of Migrants' Power

By David North, March 8, 2012

It's not exactly front-page news, but some powerful members of Congress are seeking special deals for two almost forgotten groups of immigrants, those from Ireland and Israel.

It sounds like the politics of New York City 50-60 years ago. You might call it quaint, like a Broadway revival of Abie's Irish Rose.

But it serves to remind us of the slow growth of the political power of newcomers, which swells decades, even generations, after the maturing of the underlying demographic and cultural trends. Read more...

USCIS Gets an Easy $100 million from TPS Roll-Over for Salvadorans

By David North, March 7, 2012

Suppose you have an absolute and un-regulated monopoly on a product that your customers simply must have — like insulin for diabetics in the old days before other remedies became available.

Isn't that a license to print money?

Bowling Alone and SWT Employers

By Jerry Kammer, March 7, 2012

This morning I received an email that made me think of Bowling Alone, the classic book by Harvard social scientist Robert Putnam about the collapse of community and civic engagement in the United States. Read more...

For Better Service, "Marque el Número Dos"

By David Seminara, March 6, 2012

One of the seldom considered aspects of mass immigration is the impact it has on the toll-free customer service lines we use. These days, one can conduct any business imaginable over the phone in Spanish, and sometimes other languages. Most companies now only offer a choice of two languages, but with our population projected to reach 20 percent foreign-born by 2050, we may soon reach a point where services are offered in Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and other languages. Read more...

Canada Reminds: There Are Two Kinds of Marriage Fraud

By David North, March 6, 2012

A recent article in a Canadian daily reminded me that there are two kinds of immigration marriage fraud.

The most common one is what I call the bilateral model, in which two consenting adults enter a marriage created to give a visa to one partner, and cash to the other, the citizen.

The other, more unusual one might be called the unilateral model, in which the alien cons the unwitting citizen into marriage, with a visa in mind, and then abandons the spouse when the papers arrive. Read more...

The More-Migration People Add Old Dictionaries to Their List of Weapons

By David North, March 5, 2012

The effort to weaken interior immigration enforcement is, of course, waged all the time on many fronts, executive, legislative, and judicial.

One of the oddest weapons used by the other side in this battle has just popped up. It is the suggestion that the government should be using 1917 dictionaries as it defines "harboring" when applied to those who help illegal aliens stay in this country. It comes from a distinguished, conservative judge, Richard Posner of the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Read more...

Small Nations Show U.S. How Immigration Policies Should Work

By David North, March 2, 2012

All nations, great and small, have immigration policies. Lately it appears that some of the smaller ones could give some lessons to the big one we live in.

The Bahamas, for instance, is, by Caribbean standards, rather prosperous; 50 years ago its unemployed came to the United States to help with the Virginia/West Virginia apple harvest, but now it is receiving temporary foreign workers to do farm and other low-paid work.

But that little nation has its priorities right and has reduced by 2,299 the number of alien work permits issued in 2011 compared to 2010. Read more...

California's Drive to Give Illegal Aliens Driver's Licenses

By Janice Kephart, March 2, 2012

Last week, Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca said that it would be "sensible" to issue California driver's licenses to illegal aliens, endorsing a plan that pits California against the rest of the country and federal law for driver's license issuance. It's ironic that a major law enforcement figure naively endorses a plan that would prevent the U.S. citizens and legal residents he is charged with protecting from using a California license for identity purposes at airline security checkpoints. Read more...

National Sheriffs Association Supports E-Verify Mandate, 287(g), and Full Enforcement

By Jessica Vaughan, March 1, 2012

The nation's sheriffs are united in support of full enforcement of immigration laws and want to be involved. The sheriffs want Congress to provide more resources for enforcement, pay more attention to worksites (including mandatory E-Verify), and expand the 287(g) program according to a position paper developed by the group's Immigration and Border Security Committee and approved by the organization’s national board of directors. Read more...

H-1B Question: What Is the Real Demand for High School Turkish Teachers?

By David North, February 29, 2012

The H-1B program damages America in a number of ways, directly and indirectly, discouraging young American from following high-tech careers and shunting aside skilled U.S. citizens and green-card holders because of their "advanced age", i.e., anything over 35.

This has been widely reported by many, including my CIS colleague John Miano, and Professor Norm Matloff at UC/Davis. Read more...